This site is dedicated to Citroën's upper middle category cars, the BX series of automobiles, from the point of view of those owners who are not afraid of tackling some maintenance and repair work on their car themselves. Although all DIYers should have a workshop manual like the #908 published by Haynes Publishing, many questions are not answered by such books. They describe the various components, their removal, dismantling and refitting in great detail, but they are often incomplete when it comes to troubleshooting procedures and ideas. Often they suggest component renewal as the only possible cure, however, many of these parts can actually be repaired with a little patience, skill and determination.

Many of the ideas presented in these pages, for instance about fuel injection systems, diesel engines, oils, general care and repair apply to many other Citroën models, not only BXs. In addition to that, we have opened a growing number of XM-specific pages.

We tried to assemble a useful collection of tips and ideas to help our fellow Citroënthusiasts to get the most out of their cars while keeping the dreaded repair costs at bay. We also provide detailed descriptions of how to retrofit some nice features available only on bigger models (eg. coolant temperature meter in the instrument panel, one-touch driver's side electric windows, front foglights, warning beeper for headlights without ignition) and even such gadgets that were never fitted to BXs (eg. washer fluid level warning). In addition, we describe some modifications to standard BX solutions (eg. modifying the dashboard digital clock illumination level, swapping the rear fog and stop lights on Break/Estate models, killing the self-cancelling feature of the turn indicator stalk).

No such collection can ever be complete: thus, please feel free to contribute to it with your ideas.

If you have just purchased a used BX or think about buying one, check out the Maintenance page.