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After purchase

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First, congratulations! You'll soon find out that there are only two kinds of car drivers: those who drive Citroëns and those nincompoops who don't... :-)

Before purchase

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As you would expect, Series II cars are a better buy; not only because they are younger but the newer series were significantly more reliable than the first one—at least this is what data collected by roadside emergency services like that of the German Automobile Club ADAC shows.

Secrets of ORGA

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This number shows the day when your BX was actually assembled on the production line. The dealers and parts stores use this number (often called ORGA or RP number, this latter stands for Replacement Parts) to identify the various parts and components fitted to your car. You'll find this number either in the engine bay, in front of the left front suspension sphere or on the A-pillar, in the door opening, below the hinge.