The mainboard is located under the lower trim panel on the left side (both left- and right-hand drive models). Pull (Series I) or twist (Series II) the release lever and swing the box down.

Fuse Rating Circuits
Series I
BX/BX 14
Series I
BX 16/19
Series II
all models
#1 RED Red, 10 A Cooling fan relay, reversing lights
Idle cut-off, alternator Idle cut-off, alternator, coolant temperature flasher, oil level control unit Coolant level indicator unit, oil level control unit, tachometer, coolant temperature control unit
#2 WHI White, 25 A Air blower, traffic indicators, instrument panel warning lights
Econoscope, oil level meter, clock Fuel level meter, tachometer, clock Instrument panel meters, air conditioner
#3 WHI White, 25 A Heater control lighting, stop lights, heated rear screen relay, rear wash/wipe, front wash/wipe, electric windows relay, instrument panel lighting
Horn, ashtray light, cigar lighter On-board computer lighting, doors open warning, rear view mirror, sunroof, map reading light, interior light timer, glovebox lighting, ABS warning light
#4 different WHI White, 25 A: Door central locking GRN Green, 30 A: Cooling fan
#5 different WHI White, 25 A: Cooling fan GRN Green, 30 A: Cooling fan RED Red, 10 A: Hazard warning lights
#6 different RED Red, 10 A: Hazard warning lights GRN Green, 30 A: Rear electric windows
#7 different WHI White, 25 A: Rear electric windows GRN Green, 30 A: Rear electric windows GRN Green, 30 A: Glovebox lighting, on-board computer direct supply, cigar lighter, door central locking, roof light and timer, trunk/boot lighting, radio
#8 different YEL Yellow, 20 A: Glovebox and trunk lighting, ashtray, clock, radio lighting, cigar lighter, side interior lights WHI White, 25 A: Horn, heated rear screen
  Map reading lamp
#9 different WHI White, 25 A: Front electric windows GRN Green, 30 A: Front electric windows
#10 different YEL Yellow, 20 A: Heated rear window BRN Brown, 5 A: Rear foglights and warning light
#11 BRN Brown, 5 A Rear foglights and warning light Right tail light
#12 BRN Brown, 5 A Number plate lights
Side/tail lamps and warning lights, dimmed clock lighting, dimmed lighting for switches Left tail light
#13 BRN Brown, 5 A not fitted Side and tail warning lights, sidelights, switch lighting, on-board computer lighting, front foglight relay, clock dimmed lighting
#14 RED Red, 10 A or
WHI White, 25 A
not fitted ABS hydraulic unit

The relays are located behind the fuses:

Cooling fan
Rear electric windows
Windshield washer/wiper
Traffic indicator
Front electric windows
Rear window heater

The connectors behind all these are numbered from behind to front, from right to left. For instance, IV/1 means the fourth row, first connector.