Which wiper blade to buy?

I had nothing but bad experience with Bosch wiper blades, be it revolutionary, twin, aerodynamic, whatever. I stick with Champion and Valeo. But one word of caution: when it starts to streak, never rush to buy a new one. Get some alcohol and kitchen paper towel (it's better than Kleenex). Pour some alcohol on the towel, pinch it between your fingernails and literally scrape the blade edge, but hard. Dirt can stick to it with great force. You do this twice or thrice and lo and behold, you blade will probably return to its new condition immediately.

Having said that, if it really comes to replacement, the best choice is the bracketless (flat) wiper blade manufactured by leading manufacturers today—at least for the windshield. Valeo (or if you still prefer Bosch) have them, for instance. Cheap supermarket versions are also available, but just like with anything else, it's not really a viable quality alternative.