Major Changes

The BX saw one major model change during its production life, the introduction of the Series II in 1986 (theoretically from July 1, 1986 or ORGA number 3522; but I know of Series II BXs from June, too). Although there are numerous differences between the older and newer models, two changes are very eloquent and help tell the two series apart without trouble:

The Series I BX has smaller and amber colored traffic indicator lights. The bumpers are angular; some models didn't have the black strips.

The Series II traffic indicators are larger and white colored when switched off. The bumpers are also more rounded on the newer cars.

These cars had the famous "Lego" or PRN-dashboard, with nearly all switches (lights, traffic indicator, screen wipers and washers, horn, etc) concentrated in two control centers on both sides of the steering wheel.

The complete dashboard was reworked, resulting in a more conventional layout with the usual column stalks on both sides of the steering wheel. The center console became more articulated and the radio received a flip-up cover.

The instrument panel had a rotating digital speedometer and a bar graph tachometer.

The instrument panel was also reshaped: round analog instruments replaced the previous gauges.

A few cosmetic changes were made in 1989, too: dark white colored rear traffic indicators on Berline (Hatchback) models, a small modification of the bumpers. The trim level designators were changed: E became TE, TR was turned into TG and TZ appeared. But nothing serious that could warrant a name like Series III.