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This site is dedicated to Citroën's upper middle category cars, the BX series of automobiles, from the point of view of those owners who are not afraid of tackling some maintenance and repair work on their car themselves. Although all DIYers should have a workshop manual like the #908 published by Haynes Publishing, many questions are not answered by such books. They describe the various components, their removal, dismantling and refitting in great detail, but they are often incomplete when it comes to troubleshooting procedures and ideas. Often they suggest component renewal as the only possible cure, however, many of these parts can actually be repaired with a little patience, skill and determination.

Many of the ideas presented in these pages, for instance about fuel injection systems, diesel engines, oils, general care and repair apply to many other Citroën models, not only BXs. In addition to that, we have opened a growing number of XM-specific pages.

We tried to assemble a useful collection of tips and ideas to help our fellow Citroënthusiasts to get the most out of their cars while keeping the dreaded repair costs at bay. We also provide detailed descriptions of how to retrofit some nice features available only on bigger models (eg. coolant temperature meter in the instrument panel, one-touch driver's side electric windows, front foglights, warning beeper for headlights without ignition) and even such gadgets that were never fitted to BXs (eg. washer fluid level warning). In addition, we describe some modifications to standard BX solutions (eg. modifying the dashboard digital clock illumination level, swapping the rear fog and stop lights on Break/Estate models, killing the self-cancelling feature of the turn indicator stalk).

No such collection can ever be complete: thus, please feel free to contribute to it with your ideas.

If you have just purchased a used BX or think about buying one, check out the Maintenance page.

The Citroën Technical Guide

Željko Nastasić and I are proud to present the Citroën Technical Guide. This book, available in PDF format, describes the functioning of all systems of interest in our Citroëns, from the early days of the DS until the most recent incarnation, the C5.

It is not a service manual, thus you won't find detailed circuit diagrams or repair procedures inside. Instead, it contains schematic illustrations and detailed descriptions of the various systems. It is not a mere compilation of excerpts from various books and brochures: it is a standalone guide written from ground up.

To help the reader understand every small detail, we decided to provide our own illustrations across the whole book. The figures appearing in service manuals, mostly copies of original Citroën technical illustrations of actual components or systems, often bury the main principles of operation under small and irrelevant details. In contrast to these, our illustrations are simplified, colored schematic diagrams focusing on the important concepts, not on the exact location of every single bolt or pipe.

Not found what you looked for?

The valuable Citroën mailing lists hosted by Blair Anderson for many years had been moved to OneList. Later, although we stayed in the same place, the provider changed hands, first becoming eGroups, then bought by Yahoo! Still, you can join the BX list either directly by e-mail or by visiting the BX-L Community page at Yahoo! Groups. There are a number of other Citroën mailing lists available as well.

Fine Print

As usual, every precaution was taken to ensure the correctness of any information contained in the pages of this web site. However, I cannot take any responsibility for damages or problems arising out of the use of this material. Before carrying out any repair work or modification, consider all the risks for yourself.

As you probably agree, there is a significant amount of work involved in creating and maintaining a web site like this. I don't want to imply in any way that all the ideas and data contained herein are my own. Wherever I was aware of the original source of information, I tried to give credit to it. If you happen to find what you righteously claim copyright for, please, inform me.

Similarly, my aim was to benefit the whole of the Citroën BX community. Hence, I have no intention to impose severe copyright restrictions on this material. There are, however, a few things that I would like to ask (or prescribe if you prefer it that way): first of all, do not duplicate the whole material on a different web site. The contents of this site are subject to constant modification and improvement, thus there is little point in having several, possibly contradictory sources of the same information. If you feel that the information contained in this site could benefit your users, just add a link pointing here (for your reference, the URL is and the title should read: Citroën BX Do-It-Yourself [with XM Pages]). You can use this logo picture in your link: